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New 2014 Win a Car Competitions 

  • Win A Custom Mini
  • Win An Audi A1
  • Win A Fiat 500
  • Win a Ford Fiesta & 1Yr FREE Petrol
  • Win An Audi A1
  • Win £1000 Petrol Voucher
  • Win A Retro VW Campervan
  • Win A Mini Cooper
  • Win An Audi A3


How to Win a Car Competition

Enjoy a Free Car

One of the most popular promos that online viewers are looking for are car sweepstakes. Who doesn’t want to get a brand new car for free anyways? Even those with more than one car in their household may want to free space for a new car to be parked on their garage as well!

You may be thinking that winning a car is an impossible dream these days. With a ton of competition vying for the same prize, you may feel that chances of winning a car are low for you. Fear not as there are ways by which you can increase the probability of you becoming a winner of a brand new car. Here are a few guidelines on how you can win a brand new car:

Find car competitions that you wish to join

Of course, you just won’t go for any car. Look for a car sweepstakes where the grand prize is the car model that you really want. As a marketing strategy, companies feature contests and promos to its target clients. From grocery stores to banks, you will find that car sweepstakes is not a scarce especially online. There are also fundraisers facilitated by organizations that give out brand new cars in exchange for a small amount of donation or even active participation for a cause. There are even companies that simply send out car sweepstakes entries via email. If you desire on winning any type of car, then actively seeking for a car sweepstakes online is a must.

Invest Time

Winning is all about dedicating your time and effort in order to reach a goal. In the case of winning a car, it is necessary to invest a great amount of your time entering these competitions rather than waiting for an entry to come to you. Your chances of winning a brand new car is increased the longer time you spend on actively seeking for car sweepstakes online and joining them afterwards.

Winning a car takes a lot of effort on your part as well. Although you don’t invest money on these car sweepstakes, you are obliged to do a few things such as:

  • Filling out of entry form

  • Answering of surveys

  • Helping to increase the awareness of other people towards a cause, product, or service

Car Prizes are Not Absolutely Free

Sweepstakes participants should remember that winning a car from a promotion or sweepstakes raffle is not absolutely free. Of course, there are taxes that will need to be taken care of once you are given title of ownership for the car. There are a few companies that go all out and take care of the tax for winners as well. Remember that along with getting a new car comes the insurance and registration fees that you will need to furnish right away. You will still need to allot funds for these extra costs.

Treat it as a Hobby, Not a Competition

Do not be overly competitive when you are joining car raffles. Treat it as one way of having fun so you won’t feel the pressure that you need to win immediately. It is true that you need to invest time on it, but make sure that it doesn’t interfere with your daily grind. Only make time for it when you are not busy with work or with house chores. In this way, you will not regret spending a huge chunk of your time in joining car sweepstakes.

Join Online Forums

There is an online community of people, who just like you, desire to win car sweepstakes and raffles. They may be your competition, but bear in mind that they too can help you in finding the car win contests that you really would like to enter. Online community forums will feature hundreds upon hundreds of contests. Aside from forum administrator, fellow members regularly share raffles that they have discovered online. There are also helpful tips from members who have successfully won previous car sweepstakes too! Lastly, it is rather fun and exciting to meet new friends with the same interests as you along the way!

Keep an Organized Tracking System

If you have joined a lot of car sweepstakes, make sure that you keep an organized tracking system. This will make it easier for you to check on each one of them on a regular basis. Of course, you will need to check on the dates so you know when to wait for the results. In addition, your electronic entry or coupon will be the document that you need to present when claiming your brand new car.

Send in as many entries as you can

It is simply not enough to send a single entry for every contest that you win. You can double or even triple your chances of winning a brand new car if you send in multiple entries each day. Most car sweepstakes programs allow multiple entries from one contestant. In addition, you will also need to send in multiple entries on a daily basis until the draw.

Read the Rules Carefully

Of course, all raffles have terms and conditions that you need to follow in order to win. It is also a must to follow instructions carefully so you don’t run the risk of being disqualified when you become the winner of a brand new car.




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